01 December 2018

Preliminary Modelling of Plasco Tower Collapse

Tejeswar Yarlagadda & Liming Jiang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Hamzeh Hajiloo, Queens University; et al

In a recent tragic fire incident, the Plasco Tower collapsed after an intense outburst of fire lasting for three and a half hours and claiming...

28 April 2016

Modifying Tall Building Form To Reduce the Along-Wind Effect

Matin Alaghmandan, Shahid Beheshti University; Mahjoub Elnimeiri & Robert J. Krawczyk, Illinois Institute of Technology; Peter von Buelow, University of Michigan

In order to reduce undesirable wind effects and structural responses in tall buildings, there are two main solutions: architectural and structural. Architects can mitigate the...

10 October 2011

Earthquake-Induced Pounding Between Adjacent Structures with Sustainability Different Eccentricity on Plan

Mehdi Sadeghi, Erfan Khalaghi & Naghmeh Pakdel Lahiji, Islamic Azad University

Investigations of past and recent earthquake damages in structures have illustrated that are vulnerable to severe damage and collapse due to interaction between adjacent buildings....

10 October 2011

Configuration-Based Classification of High-Rise Buildings

Seyedpooya Seyedinnoor, Islamic Azad University South Tehran branch; Mahmood Golabchi, University of Tehran

With the world increasing need to tall and supertall buildings and considering their energy efficiency, a procedure for sustainable design of high-rise building from configuration...