30 April 2018

How to Protect High-Rise Egress Routes?

Grzegorz Sypek, SMAY Group

Recent, tragic high-rise fires have underscored a fundamental issue: the lack of protected escape routes in tall buildings. As we build a greater volume of...

01 August 2013

Politics, History, and Height In Warsaw’s Skyline

Ryszard Kowalczyk, Wojciech Consulting; Jerzy Skrzypczak, Biuro Projektów Architektury J&J Spółka z o.o; Wojciech Olenski, City of Warsaw

This paper describes the present high-rise boom in Warsaw, which is related to unprecedented development of the capital of Poland in the last 15 years...

03 March 2008

Estimation of the initial stiffness and moment resistance of steel and composite joints

Aleksander Kozlowski, Rzeszow University of Technology; Rysard Kowalczyk, University of Beira Interior; Marian Gizejowsk, Warsaw University of Technology

In the advanced design of framed multi-storey buildings, actual properties of joints and connection should be taken into account. It is namely: initial stiffness and...