01 June 2015

Genesis of a Vertical City in Hong Kong

Stephen S. Y. Lau and Qianning Zhang, National University of Singapore and Tongji University

A vertical city with multifunctional land use turns out to be the most viable solution for an urban condition characterized by increasing density due to...

16 September 2014

The Tropical Skyscraper: Social Sustainability in High Urban Density

Mun Summ Wong, Richard Hassell & Alina Yeo, WOHA Architects

Asia’s rapidly growing metropolises demand an alternative strategy for city planning and architecture that addresses the need to live appropriately and sustainably with our tropical...

01 September 2014

Design of High Strength Concrete Filled Tubular Columns For Tall Buildings

J. Y. Richard Liew, M. X. Xiong, and D. X. Xiong, National University of Singapore

Ultra-high strength concrete and high tensile steel are becoming very attractive materials for high-rise buildings because of the need to reduce member size and structural...

09 May 2013

Tall Buildings: Imaginative Façades Solutions

Mimi Daraphet, Meinhardt Facade

Façades simply taken in isolation can be complex. A combination of design, engineering, fabrication and installation expertise is important to address all aspects of façade...

19 September 2012

Singapore: A High-Rise Utopia?

Peng Beng Khoo & Belinda Huang, Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism

Singapore has already implemented many urban-scale sustainable strategies that other cities only dream of – true integrated transport networks, 60-storey high green walls, subsidized government-built...

19 September 2012

Design of Concrete Filled Steel Tube with High-Strength Materials

Richard Liew, De Xin Xiong, Ming Xiang Xiong & X. Yu, National University of Singapore

High-strength materials are now increasingly used for their economic and architectural advantages, and the need for sustainable construction. However, limited research data and design guidelines...