19 September 2012

Capital Cost Drivers in Tall Buildings

Hsui-Min Eugene Seah, Langdon & Seah Singapore Pte Ltd

In land-scarce nations, one of the solutions for land use intensification is to go upwards and downwards in construction. However, how does this affect sustainability...

19 September 2012

Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Design of High-rise Structures

Kermin Chok, Meinhardt Group; Sunil Vytla & Yuya Ando, Cradle North America

The structural design of high-rises can be highly fl uid. Proposed projects may undergo multiple rounds of design iterations and massing changes. As the project...

01 February 2012

Greening the Urban Habitat: Singapore

Jason Pomeroy, Broadway Malyan

The continued depletion of open spaces as a result of urbanization has also seen a subsequent reduction in greenery and gradual rise in urban temperatures...

10 October 2011

Beyond Skyrise Gardens: The Potential of Urban Roof-Top Farming in Singapore

Wai Wing Tai Donald, Alexandra Health

The younger generation of Singaporeans, particularly those born from the 1980s onwards, might not have the opportunity to visit local farms as most of them...

13 December 2010

The Sail at Marina Bay, Singapore

Alfred A Yee & Kang Jianhan, Precast Design Consultants Pte. Ltd; Frederic Perez, Dragages Singapore Pte. Ltd; Juneid Qureshi, Meinhardt Singapore Pte. Ltd.

As the world population continues to grow exponentially, it is anticipated that development of suburban properties will become less popular as it stretches our natural...

01 August 2009

Tall Buildings in Southeast Asia - A Humanist Approach to Tropical High-Rise

Mun Summ Wong & Richard Hassell, WOHA

High-rise, high-density living has been embraced as a positive accommodation solution for many millions of people living in Asia's growing urban metropolis. This paper outlines...