01 February 2021

Intelligent 3-D Elevator Shaft Mapping

Christian Studer, Raphael Bitzi & Philipp Zimmerli, Schindler Elevators Ltd.

Laser and camera scanning, as well as mapping solutions, are increasingly used to create accurate 3-D models of the built environment. This paper presents a...

01 February 2021

How Can an Innovative Elevator Ecosystem Speed Construction?

Urs Püntener, Schindler

For most contractors and developers, construction speed is of utmost importance. But in the labor-intensive construction industry, the actual application of automation remains limited. Can...

23 September 2020

Robustness Design For Tall Timber Buildings

Konstantinos Voulpiotis & Andrea Frangi, ETH Zurich

With the ever-increasing height of timber buildings, the complexity of timber as a structural material gives rise to behaviors not previously studied by engineers. An...

21 June 2019

Reduced-mass Adaptive TMD for Tall Buildings Damping

Felix Weber, Maurer Switzerland GmbH; Peter Huber & Simon Spensberger & Christian Braun, Maurer SE; Johann Distl, Maurer Engineering GmbH

Tall buildings are prone to wind-induced vibrations due to their slenderness whereby peak structural accelerations may be higher than the recommended maximum value. The common...

25 April 2019

What is the Near-Term Future for Robotic Construction of Tall Buildings?

Thomas Oetterli, Schindler Group

CTBUH is currently engaged in a two-year research project, “Robots in Tall Building Construction,” kindly sponsored by Schindler. The main research question is, “Why haven’t...

17 October 2016

Real-Time Controlled TMD of Danube City Tower

Felix Weber, Peter Huber, Hans Distl & Christian Braun, MAURER AG

Since 2014, a MAURER controlled TMD has mitigated the first bending mode of the Danube City Tower in Vienna, Austria. It consists of a pendulum...