CTBUH Turkey FLC Presents: Sustainable Design

21 June 2023

Join the CTBUH Turkey Future Leaders Committee at Atak Engineering for their first event in Ankara, a panel discussion on sustainable design.

CTBUH Turkey Presents: Design & Construction in Tall Buildings

22 November 2022

Explore the projects, design and construction techniques, technologies, and approaches used for constructing tall buildings.

CTBUH Turkey Presents: Renovation of High-Rise Buildings

08 September 2021

This is an online webinar event. The city of Istanbul ranks as #1 regarding the quantity of high-rise buildings between European cities. The renovation/renewal of aging high-rise building stock, appears to be an urgent matter for the real estate market of Istanbul.

CTBUH Turkey Virtual Panel Series: Earthquakes and Buildings

12–14 January 2021

CTBUH Turkey hosted their virtual panel series over three days, addressing earthquake preparedness in Turkey, featuring expert panelists.

What Shapes Our Future Cities?

05 November 2020

Please join CTBUH Turkey for a virtual series of presentations about the many intersecting elements that shape the future of our cities.

CTBUH Turkey Committee Presents: Future Design Trends in Construction

18 June 2020

The CTBUH Turkey Committee presents a discussion on the implications of COVID-19 on the design of construction projects.