17 October 2016

Plot 17-18 Project: Tall Building Design in “Moscow City”

Emre Ekici, Renaissance Construction Company

Renaissance Construction is one of the common development companies in Russia, planning to build a mixed-use project within Moscow City, a new development area along...

24 August 2015

Istanbul: Impact of High-Rises on a Historic, Yet Contemporary, City

Ayşin Sev & Bahar Başarır, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

High-rise buildings have a significant impact on cities and their metropolitan areas in a variety of ways, most notably on cities with extensive historic built...

19 September 2012

Effects of High-Rise Developments on a Microclimate

Hatice Sozer, Istanbul Technical University; Seifu Bekele, VIPAC Engineers & Scientists Pty Ltd.

This paper assesses the implications of urban form, especially in high-rise development, referencing a newly developed business district called Maslak, home to many high-rise buildings...

10 October 2011

Design Criteria for High-Rise Buildings in Historical Cities: The Case of Istanbul

Aysin Sev, Aydan Ozgen & Bahar Basarir, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

High-rise building construction, which is occuring at an expanding pace in many cities all over the world, is also accelarating in Istanbul. A large number...

03 March 2008

Looking for Cultural Response and Sustainability in the Design of a High-Rise Tower in the Middle East

Hatice Sözer, Nigde Unviersity; Ray Clark, Illinois Institute of Technology

Middle Eastern culture has exhibited for generations various fundamental principles of sustainable ways of living. It is the intention of this design to revive and...

10 October 2004

A Study of Carrying Historical Monuments without Dismantling into Pieces

Ipek Nese Sener & Ali Ihsan Unay, Middle East Technical University

In this paper, finite element models and transportation as-a-whole projects are discussed for certain minarets that are currently located in the South Anatolian town of...