04 April 2022

Use Certified Wood for Tall Timber?

Brad Kahn, Forest Stewardship Council & Ethan Martin, DCI Engineers

The question of where builders obtain the wood used in high-rise mass timber projects is a significant factor in the assessment of a project’s overall...

04 April 2022

Advancing Tall Timber, One Code Revision at a Time

Hans-Erik Blomgren, Timberlab

In 2021, several major obstacles were overcome in the path to adoption of mass timber as a viable option for high-rise construction in North America....

04 April 2022

How Does Mass Timber Improve Tall Construction Productivity and Sustainability?

Lisa Podesto, Lendlease

The future of building construction is being shaped most significantly by two factors: the knowledge that the construction industry suffers from a severe lack of...

04 April 2022

Making Tall Timber Financially Viable: the Design-Build Approach

Lisa Thom, Lendlease

As the tall building industry increasingly becomes interested in using engineered mass timber to construct high-rise buildings, the economical and construction-efficiency advantages need to be...

04 April 2022

State of Tall Timber 2022

Daniel Safarik, Jacob Elbrecht & William Miranda, CTBUH

The past few years have seen tremendous interest in the development of mass timber buildings of increasing height, in urban settings, many of which are...

04 April 2022

Tall Timber: A Global Audit

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

This data study comprises the 84 mass timber buildings eight stories and taller, built or under construction, organized by structural type and by region, globally....