22 August 2022

Livable Density: The Hybrid Office Building

James von Klemperer & Andrew Cleary, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

The recently completed One Vanderbilt Avenue tower has become the standard bearer for one of New York City’s most ambitious zoning initiatives of the past...

22 August 2022

The World’s Highest Pools: A Deep Dive

S. Isaac Work & Shawn Ursini, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Tall building design has diversified and adapted to accommodate increased demand for distinctive amenities at a range of heights. Swimming pools are a classic feature...

15 August 2022

Measuring the Economic Premium for Height

Grant Mosey & Brian Deal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In this study, the authors examine the sale and rent prices for units in the 10 tallest for-sale and for-rent residential buildings in Chicago. Statistical...

15 December 2021

Megacities vs. Urban Sprawl; Densifying vs. Social Distancing

Astrid Piber, UNStudio

Decentralization and the “15-minute city” are ideas that are currently being put forward to tackle urban challenges, but how will these issues be tackled in...

15 December 2021

Overcoming Carbon, Climate, and Societal Challenges in Cities

Daniel Safarik, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

The tall building, the city, and by extension, urban life, are all facing unprecedented challenges, in multiple aspects—carbon, climate, and societal. The planet’s rapid urbanization...

17 September 2021

Sustainable Tall Building Design Exemplars

Will Miranda & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

Some 97 cities worldwide, including most of the world’s megacities with a population of 10 million or more, have signed onto the C40 Cities Climate...

01 March 2021

Comparative Study on the Development Trends of High-rise Buildings Above 200 Meters in China, th

Jiaqi Qu, CTBUH; Zhendong Wang, Tongji University; Peng Du, Texas Tech University,

Since 2006, the number of completed high-rise buildings over 200 meters have increased rapidly. Although there were some short-term cyclical troughs, the overall trend has...

01 March 2020

Mass Timber: The New Sustainable Choice for Tall Buildings

Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks

Professionals who work in the realm of tall building design and construction are well aware that high-rises are the best solution for accommodating growing urban...

12 December 2019

Interactive Study on Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2019

CTBUH Research

The year 2019 was remarkable for the tall building industry, with 26 supertall buildings (300 meters or taller) completed, the most in any year. This...

28 October 2019

Affordable High-Rise Workforce Housing: Essential to the Future of Cities

Steven Baldridge, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering

Often when new high-rise developments are announced in cities, focus is on the positive impacts such as job creation, increased local tax revenues and social...