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01 March 2020

Gerald R. Larson, University of Cincinnati

In Part One, I documented the evolution of the use of the elevator and the iron frame to build ever-taller buildings that would eventually be...

01 March 2020

Thomas Leslie, Iowa State University

“A practical architect might not unnaturally conceive the idea of erecting a vast edifice whose frame should be entirely of iron, and clothing the frame--preserving...

01 March 2020

Beyhan Karahan, New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Design

After the 1884 Home Insurance building in Chicago and 1889 Tower building in New York, 15 Park Row became the tallest building in the USA...

30 January 2020

Simon Sturgis, RIBA; Eik Bezzel, MicroShade

In recent months, the controversy over the global preference for tall buildings whose façades are predominantly glass curtain walls has reached a fever pitch. Institutions...

30 January 2020

Joseph Pinto, Akram Maradni & John Paul Rahman Azari, PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology

The key objective of this research was to devise and test a vertical rainwater harvesting system and demonstrate that the rainwater could be collected off...

30 January 2020

CTBUH Research

In 2019, 126 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed. This was a 13.7 percent decrease from 146 in 2018. The total number...