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30 January 2020

CTBUH Research

The combined brains of the CTBUH editorial and database staff boldly predict what might happen across the global skyscraper industry in 2020. Check out our...

30 January 2020

Dan Piselli, FXCollaborative

In cities across North America, collisions with glass buildings result in up to one billion bird deaths each year. In New York City alone, it’s...

28 December 2019

SawTeen See, Robert Bird Group Pty Ltd

Aerodynamic damping through the use of vertical long slots reduces the dynamic component of the wind loads on the building. Seminal examples include the three-legged...

12 December 2019

CTBUH Research

The year 2019 was remarkable for the tall building industry, with 26 supertall buildings (300 meters or taller) completed, the most in any year. This...

28 October 2019

Don Davies, Magnusson Klemencic Associates

The towers of 50 years ago utilized simple and strong constructions, built upon bold, but easily comprehensible, structural techniques that were developed collaboratively by the...

28 October 2019

Roy Denoon, CPP Wind Engineering

As wind effects govern the design for lateral loads and responses for many of the world’s tall buildings, the optimal determination of these effects is...