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North America

28 October 2019

Stephen Katz, Gensler

Few buildings are as iconic as Willis Tower. Generations of Chicagoans have a collective memory of this building playing a role in their entire lives....

28 October 2019

Neel Khosa, AMSYSCO

Unbonded post-tensioned (PT) concrete has become a widely-accepted construction technique in the United States. The introduction of PT in tall buildings has been relatively recent,...

28 October 2019

Carol Willis, The Skyscraper Museum

In both professional circles and in the public eye, the subject of the World’s Tallest Building (WTB) has held the spotlight for more than a...

28 October 2019

Peter Weismantle, AS+GG; James Antell, Telgian Engineering & Consulting

As international design teams participated in the development of high-rise structures around the world, many of the concepts of fire-safe design first introduced in the...

28 October 2019

Steven Baldridge, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering

Often when new high-rise developments are announced in cities, focus is on the positive impacts such as job creation, increased local tax revenues and social...

28 October 2019

Roland Bechmann, Werner Sobek Group; Stefanie Weidner, ILEK University of Stuttgart

Due to increasing urbanization, the next 50 years will see a shortage of resources, which will be a key challenge for the construction industry. Architects...