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28 October 2019

Patrick Daly & Paolo Testolini, Woods Bagot

Sinking faster than any other big city on the planet, over 40 percent of Jakarta is now below sea level. Solutions to prevent the decay...

28 October 2019

Timothy Johnson, NBBJ

At a time when building construction efficiency has decreased by four percent since the 1960s, efficiency in automotive manufacturing has increased by 400 percent, largely...

28 October 2019

Dr. Jason Barr, Rutgers University; Jennifer Johnson, International Data Team

An important element of tall building sustainability is the effects the buildings have on the social and economic well-being of residents. The results of a...

28 October 2019

Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik, LLC

Connected, convenient, and digital—this is the city of the future. The design and construction industry must adopt a data-driven approach that allows success in this...

28 October 2019

Daniel Kaplan, FXCollaborative

This study examines issues and opportunities around The Bellwether, a 52-story tower located in a 1960s public housing campus in Manhattan. It is the first...

28 October 2019

Gabriel Peschiera & Gregory James; Jaros, Baum & Bolles

Delivering personal thermal preference in an open plan office has eluded building design professionals for years. Surveys have shown that being too hot or cold...