Salt Lake City, United States

Salt Lake City Facts

Global Ranking #317 in the world by no. of 150m+ completed buildings
Regional Ranking #68 in North America by no. of 150m+ completed buildings
Country Ranking #55 in USA by no. of 150m+ completed buildings

All building-related facts are for 150m+ buildings.

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1   Wells Fargo Center 1998 129 m
2   LDS Office Building 1973 128 m
3   111 Main 2016 118 m
4   99 West City Creek Condominium Tower 2011 115 m
5   Key Bank Tower 1976 107 m
6   One Utah Center 1991 107 m
7   Beneficial Financial Group Tower 1998 102 m
8   Grand America Hotel 2001 101 m
9   American Towers Condominiums North Tower 1982 99 m
10   American Towers Condominiums South Tower 1982 99 m
  Completed   Arch. Topped Out   Struct. Topped Out   Under Constr.

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An Office Tower That ‘Hangs’ from its ‘Hat’ Over an Adjacent Theater
31 May 2018 – Kory Jardine, City Creek Reserve, Inc; Peter Lee, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill