CTBUH Silver Member

Lotte Property & Development


Member Since: 2017

Member Offices: Seoul

Website: https://www.lottepnd.com/en/main.do

Lotte Property & Development looks to contribute to a sustainable future with the development of Lotte World Tower, and promotes human-oriented culture and values.

For the first time in the history of Korea, we are building a skyscraper over 100 stories tall. Lotte World Tower will symbolize architectural and technical achievement and complement the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the city, while creating major economic benefits and national competitiveness. Completed in 2017, Lotte World Tower sets a new standard for technical innovation and represents a turning point for Korea’s economic growth.

Lotte Property & Development dedicates their best efforts to meeting your expectations through ethical practices and a commitment to sustainable growth.

Fields of Expertise



1 Lotte World Tower

555 m / 1,819 ft

Associated companies

1 Lotte World Tower

555 m / 1,819 ft

CTBUH Initiatives Involving Lotte Property & Development

Venue Confirmed for Awards Conference VIP Reception

29 March 2018

The reception, kindly sponsored by Lotte Property & Development, will take place in the 30th floor of Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower in Chicago.

Top Company Rankings: The World’s 100 Tallest Buildings

13 October 2016

The Council is pleased to announce the Top Company Rankings for numerous disciplines as derived from the list of projects appearing in 100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings.

2016 China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum

08 July 2016

The third China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum was held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, on the topic of "Innovative Motion Engineering in Tall Buildings."

Safety Considerations in Tall Buildings

20 May 2015

CTBUH-Korea’s President Chung KwangRyang held an international conference addressing Tall Building Safety as the construction of tall buildings is increasing exponentially.

CTBUH 2011 Seoul Conference Gold Sponsor

10–12 October 2011

This conference aimed to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in the rapidly growing city of Seoul, from the perspectives of green, safety, and humanity.

Korea Chapter 2010 Conference

27 August 2010

The Korean CTBUH Conference 2010 was held at Seoul Olympic Parktel Olympia Hall and hosted by the CTBUH Korea.