CTBUH Nonprofit/Governmental Member

ILEK University of Stuttgart


Member Since: 2022

Member Offices: Stuttgart

Website: https://www.ilek.uni-stuttgart.de/

In research and teaching, the ILEK combines the dominant areas of design and design in architecture with the areas of analysis and construction as well as materials science, which are the focus of civil engineering. On the basis of an interdisciplinary approach, the institute deals with the conceptual and cross-material development of all types of construction methods, building envelopes and load-bearing structures.

The fields of work range from building with textiles and glass to new structures in steel and prestressed concrete construction as well as so-called ultra-lightweight construction through adaptive systems. Innovative manufacturing and control technologies as well as all kinds of digital tools are included.

From the individual detail to the entire structure, it is about the optimization of form and construction in terms of material and energy consumption, durability and reliability, recyclability and environmental compatibility. Being embedded in an international network of research and teaching institutions is just as important as close cooperation with a large number of partners from business and industry.

Fields of Expertise

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HydroSKIN: Lightweight FaƧade for Precipitation Retention and Evaporative Cooling

Winner: HydroSKIN: Lightweight FaƧade for Precipitation Retention and Evaporative Cooling

Innovation Award 2022