CTBUH Silver Member



Member Since: 2023

Member Offices: Tel Aviv

Website: https://cor.co.il/

For the past 20 years we, at COR LTD, are working on some of the most complex and smart construction projects in Israel. During that time, we discovered that although smart city planners aim to create smart buildings that are cost-effective and functional, they make design choices without fully considering their effect on O&M costs and functionality.

Our team developed a new model for planning and construction, the model connects Operation & Maintenance considerations with the initiation and planning phases of the project. Since then, we are implementing our comprehensive model which integrates O&M consideration from early phase of planning through the building and installation stage, making sure smart cities projects work.

The model creates an operational program for planners and architects already in the early design stages, making facilities more fit for users and the facilities managers’ needs. We use different tools throughout the project phases to make sure the smart project actually works. Using the model supplies continuous flow of information, instructions and procedures regarding operational and maintenance aspects.

The result is an optimal facility, which takes into consideration the needs of the users, services, maintenance, supply, and logistics. Using this model leads to better user experience high operational efficiency, substantial financial savings in construction costs (thanks to less changes and an improved design) and in operation and maintenance costs.

Fields of Expertise

Building Maintenance