CTBUH Silver Member

Bureau Cube Partners


Member Since: 2023

Member Offices: Belgrade

Website: https://www.bureaucube.com

Bureau Cube Partners stands as an eminent architectural and urban planning firm, distinguished by its enduring legacy and visionary endeavors. With a wealth of experience spanning several decades, Bureau Cube Partners remains at the vanguard of architectural innovation and urban transformation. Our dynamic team of seasoned professionals, hailing from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, seamlessly collaborates to conceive and shape iconic structures and comprehensive urban solutions.

Our areas of specialization encompass an extensive range of projects, from culturally significant landmarks and educational institutions to cutting-edge healthcare facilities, residential complexes, and the meticulous restoration of architectural heritage. At Bureau Cube Partners, we are unwavering in our pursuit of excellence, actively contributing to meticulous Master Plans, advancing urban and spatial planning, and publishing insightful theoretical works.

Bureau Cube Partners is driven by an unwavering passion for architectural innovation and a deep-rooted understanding of urban dynamics. Our portfolio not only reflects our dedication to merge aesthetics with functionality but also underscores our commitment to sustainable and resilient design principles.

Experience the future of architecture and urban planning with Bureau Cube Partners, where creativity converges with expertise, and visionary concepts evolve into tangible realities.

Fields of Expertise

Architecture; Project Management; Urban Design