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MoA Design


Member Since: 2023

Member Offices: Shanghai

Website: https://www.moa-design.com.cn

MoA is an innovative design company that originated in China with the noble aspiration of cultivating cultural integration, engendering a fusion of ideas from diverse fields, and pioneering unprecedented designs that manifest an unorthodox and innovative mindset.

Its founder boasts an illustrious background in architectural lighting design, having served as the esteemed head of design and operations at a renowned international lighting design company in China for an extensive period. With rich experience in collaborating with esteemed domestic and international design firms, the founder's focus primarily centers on the intricate interplay between individuals and architecture, space and illumination. As a firsthand observer of China's remarkable real estate industry growth, the founder recognizes that design faces new missions and challenges in society's evolution. His vision is to establish a fresh platform for design organizations, fostering a collective pursuit of change, amplifying voices, and discovering shared value.
"Designers epitomize the boundless realms of human imagination, illuminating the path towards mankind's relentless progress—a beacon that guides humanity to soaring heights.”

MoA comprises a diverse assemblage of designers hailing from various countries, regions, and professional domains, distinguished by their extraordinary wealth of vivid ideas and discerning attitudes.

We are currently composed of experts in architecture, visual, graphic, art and energy, with branches in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
In their pursuit of excellence, the team ardently endeavors to unearth the profound essence of their projects through a multifaceted perspective, characterized by a judicious blend of audacity and prudence. Leveraging their unparalleled expertise, they seamlessly merge disparate elements to create innovative and impeccable solutions.
MoA ardently aspires to bestow and cultivate professional value across a diverse array of disciplines, encompassing architecture, lighting design, multimedia art, spatial visual integration, and sustainable development.

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