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Member Since: 2023

Member Offices: Detroit

Website: https://www.liftbuild.com

The conventional design and construction of tall buildings is full of inefficiencies. Structural framing elements are constructed one member at a time. Workers must perform tasks under challenging conditions far above the ground, at tremendous risk to personal and project safety. Expensive tower cranes are used to perform thousands of individual time-consuming lifts for structural elements, the enclosure, mechanical and electrical equipment, and many other components of a finished building.

LIFTbuild® is poised to transform how the world is built by changing how projects are designed and how materials are fabricated, shipped, and assembled once on site. This innovative technology uses unique means and methods to revolutionize the project life cycle with design automation and a Vertical Manufacturing℠ approach to building assembly, creating safer, faster, and more cost-effective solutions.

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