CTBUH Silver Member

M Moser Associates


Member Since: 2011

Member Offices: Hong Kong

Website: https://www.mmoser.com/en/

M Moser Associates has specialised in the design and delivery of workplace environments since 1981, with clients from the corporate, private healthcare and education sectors.

With over 900 professionals in 20 offices across globe, the company provides a holistic approach to transformative physical and digital workplace environments, integrating expertise in workplace strategy, architecture, engineering, interior design, and digital infrastructure, together with sustainability and wellness. This positions M Moser at the forefront in offering clients integrated and unique project solutions of any size and level of complexity, ranging from office interiors to R&D facilities, base buildings and entire campuses can be conceived, designed and constructed from a single point of responsibility, with precise control over cost, time and quality.

Visit official website: www.mmoser.com

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CTBUH Initiatives Involving M Moser Associates

CTBUH 2016 Conference Silver+ Sponsor

16–21 October 2016

Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism takes place progressively across three Chinese cities: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong & Shenzhen Tour Report: Touring Two Tall Cities

22–23 September 2012

Delegates from the Congress flew to Hong Kong to visit one of the tallest cities in the world. The second day included a side trip to Shenzhen, including a private tour of KK100.

2010 CTBUH Fellows Announced

01 August 2010

The CTBUH is pleased to announce its 2010 Fellows, recognized for their contribution to the Council over a significant period of time.