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Stretching along 57 kilometers of stunning coastline, the Gold Coast is best known for its surf, sand and sunshine, bordered by its lush hinterland. Its natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and ideal location make the Gold Coast one of the most unique cities in which to live and work.

While the Gold Coast remains a favorite tourism destination, attracting 12 million visitors each year, the city's economy is diversifying. Industries with a strong foothold now include education, sports, film, the arts, health, food production, IT, marine and advanced manufacturing.

They're aiming to make their mark on the world stage, where knowledge, innovation and commercialization are the key drivers for growth. They're a city of opportunity, on the cusp of a transformational change thanks to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which has instilled a new sense of city pride.

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23 July 2015

Urban Regeneration – Gold Coast Cultural Centre: Tory Jones

Tory Jones, Executive Coordinator Major Projects, GCCC, presents at the second CTBUH Australia Urban Regeneration Seminar her journey with tall buildings on the Gold Coast...