02 September 2022

Twisting Tower Unveiled in Chongqing

Architecture studio Aedas has unveiled its completed Dance of Light office skyscraper in Chongqing, China, with a twisted façade informed by the shape of the...

26 July 2022

HQ Masterplan Activates a Chongqing Site

Aedas’ new plans for the mixed-use project, Jinke Group Headquarters, is located in Chongqing – a young metropolis secluded within central China’s rolling mountains. The masterplan...

20 June 2022

Chongqing Skyscraper Tops Out at 458.2 Meters

The International Land-Sea Center, a 458.2-meter-tall skyscraper had its roof sealed on Saturday, 18 June 2022. The total length of the building’s butt welds is over...

02 June 2020

Glass Observation Deck Jutting Out From a Glass Skybridge Welcomes Visitors in Chongqing

A glass-bottomed observation deck that protrudes from an enormous enclosed skybridge 237 meters into the air welcomed visitors on Saturday, 27 May, 2020 in Chongqing...

08 November 2019

Chongqing Technology Park Towers Evoke Tolkien Trilogy with Ringed Skybridges

The fantasy trilogy Lord of the Rings, and the cinema blockbusters based on it, have proved to be hugely popular in China—so much so that...

15 February 2019

Video Released of Skybridge Being Lifted Into Place at Raffles City Chongqing

In the megacity of Chongqing another piece of architecture has been added to the city’s skyline. The “Sky Corridor,” also known by its official name...