Frankfurt am Main


15 December 2021

Seamless Mobility Solution Turns Touchless Dreams into Reality

Dr. Florian Troesch, Schindler Elevator Ltd. & Jürgen Blank, Schindler Deutschland AG & Co. KG

At the Omniturm in Frankfurt (see Figure 1), mobility is encoded into the mixed-use building’s profile, with its striking mid-rise undulation at the residential floors....

24 August 2015

Two Towers, One Market


The design of the new European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt combines a twisted double tower, which rises to 185 meters, integrated with the horizontal...

18 February 2015

Frankfurt and Rotterdam: Skylines as Embodiment of a Global City

Nebojša Čamprag, Technical University of Darmstadt

In contrast to US cities, which allowed construction of skyscrapers in central urban areas, the post-World War II development of western Europe generally involved new...

13 June 2013

The History of the European Skyscraper

Nathaniel Hollister, CTBUH

Due to the compact and historic nature of its cities, some unpopular designs, and an unfortunate association with public housing, Europe had historically been slow...

01 May 2011

The Importance of Real Life Data to Support Environmental Claims for Tall Buildings

Joana Gonçalves, Universidade de São Paulo (FAUUSP); Klaus Bode, BDSP Partnership

One of the main causes of energy efficiency failures is LEED rewarding projects for their predictions, but not for proving the savings. The operation of...

01 February 2009

The Skycourt - A Comparison of Four Case Studies

Jason Pomeroy, Broadway Malyan

The effects of industrial capitalism and secularism have not only seen the fall of public man (Sennett 1976) but the slow disintegration of the public...