22 December 2023

Skyscrapers in Bloom: Evaluating the Artistry of “Painting with Trees”

Katarzyna Wodzisz

Incorporating greenery in skyscrapers prompts sustainability debates. This study questions the assumption that green features ensure sustainability, as designers often adopt them carelessly, leading to...

22 December 2023

Unraveling the Complexities of Integrated Infrastructure at Sydney Metro Pitt Street

Bill Mason & Emily Lau

This paper aims to unravel complexities faced by the designers and engineers on the Pitt Street Integrated Station Development (PSISD), also known as Gadigal Station,...

22 December 2023

Repositioning: Transformation for the Social, Urban, and Environmental Realms

Fred Holt

Addressing the dual challenges facing contemporary architecture: the imperative to minimize the industry’s carbon footprint and the pursuit of enhanced well-being and collaboration, the transformative...

16 October 2023

Interactive Study - Sea-Level Rise Susceptibility

S. Isaac Work & Shea Anthony, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

This interactive data study builds off the work conducted by the Université de Montréal, supported by the 2019 CTBUH Student Research Competition, kindly sponsored by...

03 April 2023

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2022: World Surpasses 2,000 Buildings of 200 Meters or Greater Height


This report shows that 147 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed in 2022, a 25 percent increase from 2021, when 118 such...

04 April 2022

Making Tall Timber Financially Viable: the Design-Build Approach

Lisa Thom, Lendlease

As the tall building industry increasingly becomes interested in using engineered mass timber to construct high-rise buildings, the economical and construction-efficiency advantages need to be...

17 September 2021

Sustainable Tall Building Design Exemplars

Will Miranda & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

Some 97 cities worldwide, including most of the world’s megacities with a population of 10 million or more, have signed onto the C40 Cities Climate...

17 September 2021

Tall Buildings And Life Cycle Approaches: A Debate That Must Be Started

Dario Trabucco & Martina Belmonte, CTBUH

By means of life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC) analyses, the authors assess the environmental and economic impact occurring during the life...

01 August 2020

On the Fast Track to “Better Placed”

Abbie Galvin, Government Architect Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment New South Wales

Abbie Galvin is the 24th Government Architect of New South Wales (NSW) state in Australia, which incorporates the Sydney metropolitan area, joining the role after...

28 October 2019

Sydney 2070: Visions of a Future City

Philip Vivian, Bates Smart

Sydney’s population is predicted to increase from 4.6 million to nearly nine million by 2061. Even without this growth, the city has already surpassed the...