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Member Offices: New York City

Founded in 2003 by Rick Cook and Bob Fox, COOKFOX is devoted to designing beautiful, environmentally responsible, high-performance buildings and are the first architectural firm to have designed three LEED Platinum projects in New York City.

Rick Cook and Bob Fox have built a team of passionate, talented professionals who are pursuing a transformative vision: beautiful design shaped by a strong connection to place, the highest standards of sustainability, and a commitment to excellence enriched by the collaborative process.

COOKFOX seeks out projects of all scales and building types, engaging in those through which they can explore inventive responses to environmental and social issues. Working as a team with clients, they reconnect buildings with the systems that support life, enabling their projects to make a positive impact today and benefit generations to come.

Fields of Expertise

Architecture; Interior Design; Urban Design

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Bank of America Tower

365.8 m / 1,200 ft


25 Park Row

214 m / 702 ft


City Point Tower II

157.1 m / 515 ft


855 6th Avenue

152.2 m / 499 ft


One South First

132.6 m / 435 ft


City Point Tower I

110 m / 361 ft


301 East 50th Street

104.4 m / 342 ft


Ariel West

103.6 m / 340 ft


1001 Water

90.4 m / 296 ft


1011 East Cumberland Avenue

82.9 m / 272 ft


Bank of America Tower

Winner: Bank of America Tower

Best Tall Building Americas 2010

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Richard Cook

Richard Cook

CTBUH Awards Jury, 2013

New York City

Jared Gilbert

Jared Gilbert

CTBUH Annual Conference, Presenter, 2016

New York City

Darin Reynolds

Darin Reynolds

CTBUH Annual Conference, Steering Committee, 2015

New York City

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15 February 2016

Monthly Video: Richard Cook

Richard Cook, Partner, COOKFOX Architects, is interviewed by Chris Bentley regarding the architecture of New York and the new approach to the fifth facade, the...


17 October 2016

Toward the Future City: An Ethical Design Philosophy for Urban Habitats

Ever taller skyscrapers, increased density, and global interconnectivity are creating new pressures and complexities in both the urban environment and the public space. Contemporary attitudes...

Global News

12 November 2020

First Phase Nearly Complete of New Neighborhood in Tampa

Construction on Water Street Tampa, a new downtown neighborhood, started in 2016 and project leaders say the first phase is almost finished. There are about...

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6 Years

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Residential, 8 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Concrete, 10 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 17 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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