16 September 2014

Closing the Gap between Fantasy and Reality: Pushing Current Technologies Into the Future

Terri Meyer Boake, University of Waterloo

The tall building is a discrete architectural type. The causal aspects of its evolution can assist in determining which aspects will be of the most...

16 September 2014

Using Supplemental Damping Systems on High-Rise Buildings

Xiangdong Du, Chien-Shen Lee, Bujar Morava & Jon Galsworthy, RWDI

A considerable number of supplemental damping system implementations are for wind induced motion control of skyscrapers and their performance has been validated through full scale...

16 September 2014

Design of a Slender Building with High-Performing VE Dampers

Michael Montgomery, Kinetica; Kevin MacLean & Tibor Kokai, Read Jones Christoffersen; Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto

A slender tower in downtown Toronto was identified early on in the design process as having wind dynamic motion issues and additional structural damping was...

16 September 2014

Use of Elevators During Emergencies

Paul Stranieri & David McColl, Otis; Geeta Bora, UTC Building & Industrial Systems; Art Hsu, United Technologies Research Center

This paper explores evacuation improvement opportunities achieved through inter-operation of various systems in tall buildings. Tall buildings comprise many highly intelligent systems that can be...

16 September 2014

Sustainable High Density Neighborhoods

Richard Witt, Quadrangle Architects Limited

The creation of sustainable, high-density communities starts with comprehensive master planning that strategically leverages the scale of the site. This paper will address how designers,...

01 March 2014

Enhancing the Seismic Performance of Multi-storey Buildings with a Modular Tied Braced Frame System

R. Tremblay & L. Chen, Polytechnique Montreal; L. Tirca, Concordia University

The tied braced frame (TBF) system was developed to achieve uniform seismic inelastic demand along the height of multistorey eccentrically braced steel frames. A modular...