North America

30 October 2017

Transit-Oriented Developments in Canada

The relationship between the network of transit infrastructure and tall building communities is explored by way of four case studies from three Canadian cities. In...

19 October 2016

Challenges in Wind Engineering in Shenzhen Ping An International Financial Center

Shenzhen Ping An International Financial Center is the world’s tallest building in strong typhoon areas, where wind impact and safety are critical challenges to achieving...

18 October 2016

The Space Between: Urban Spaces Surrounding Tall Buildings

This presentation was intended to introduce the upcoming CTBUH technical guide titled "The Space Between," which investigates the importance of publicly accessible spaces surrounding tall...

18 October 2016

Unpacking Composite Construction: Global Trends

There has been a marked shift away from the use of steel as the primary structural system that had long been the Western standard for...