23 May 2022

Opalia, Paris: Using Steel to Rigidify the Façade & Optimize HVAC Penetrations

This eight-story office building uses steel, alongside timber, to optimize façade rigidity and help resolve HVAC/structure collisions, as well as provide a platform for integrated...

04 March 2021

CTBUH Florida Chapter: Timber on the Rise, from Paris to Miami

The CTBUH Florida Chapter reviews a case study on the Bruneseau Seine Tower in Paris and the current state of research in wood construction in...

30 May 2018

A City of Justice for the City of Light

The new Paris Courthouse, with an internal area of around 100,000 square meters, accommodates up to 8,000 people per day. The building has a plinth...

30 October 2017

Interview: Eric Parry

Eric Parry of Eric Parry Architects is interviewed by Chris Bentley during the 2017 CTBUH Australia Conference.

18 October 2016

Jeddah Mall: The Connection Between Jeddah Tower and the Urban Environment

The Jeddah Economic City Mall and Exhibition Center is a multi-functional installation that rises up to the challenge of making the city walkable around the...

18 October 2016

What’s Next?: How Do We Make Vertical Urban Design?

It seems sometimes as if the further away from the ground we rise, the more architectonic and less urban our buildings become. Skyscrapers have always...

12 June 2013

Interview: Evolution of Tall Buildings in Paris

Stefan De Faÿ of Paris la Defense Seine Arche is interviewed by Jeff Herzer during the 2013 CTBUH London Conference at The Brewery, London. Stefan...

10 October 2011

Renovation of an iconic tower of Paris

Renovation of a first generation of high rise building with heavy structural modification, use of drilling robots for core walls modification, extension of the tower...