17 October 2016

Replacing Corridors with Sky-Courts to Create Affordable and Socially Desirable High-Rise Housing

Mazlin Ghazali, Arkitek M Ghazali; Tareef Hayat Khan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Studies over the last 60 years have consistently concluded that high-rise housing is less suitable for most people compared to low-rise, especially for children. To...

17 October 2016

KL118 Case Study: Analysis of Different Bore Pile Testing Methods

Peter Ramstedt, Chien Jou Chen, Matthew Hennessy & David Terenzio, Turner International LLC

In the construction of tall towers a variety of pile testing methodologies are used. Piles can be tested for many purposes including the optimization of...

01 December 2014

Influence of Low Growing Vegetation in Reducing Stormwater Runoff on Green Roofs

Raymond Krishnan and Hamidah Ahmad, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Green roof's performance in reducing stormwater runoff has been reported by numerous studies. Nonetheless, the roles of low growing vegetation in influencing stormwater runoff reduction...

01 June 2014

The "Sky Neighborhood" Layout

Mazlin Ghazali & Mohd. Peter Davis, Arkitek M. Ghazali; Anniz Bajunid, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Over the last 50 years, many researchers have concluded that high-rise apartments by and large are not suitable for children and young families. Creating small...

16 October 2005

Enhancing Safety and Security in High-Rise Building through Sustainable Design

Faridah Shafii, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This paper will discuss the safety/security and sustainable synergies for the planning and design of high-rise buildings to minimize environmental impacts as well as ensuring...

10 October 2004

Design Challenges of Tall Buildings and Implications on Construction Education

Faridah Shafii & M. Zahry Othman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This paper reviews and discuss the design considerations for enhancing performance in future tall buildings in the context of sustainability and safety/security. Their impacts upon...