01 December 2018

Simulating the Response of a 10-Storey Steel-Framed Building under Spreading Multi-Compartment Fires

Jian Jiang & Chao Zhang, Tongji University

This paper presents a numerical investigation on the structural response of a multi-story building subjected to spreading multi-compartment fires. A recently proposed simple fire model...

01 December 2018

Progressive Collapse of Steel High-Rise Buildings Exposed to Fire: Current State of Research

Jian Jiang & Guo-Qiang Li, Tongji University

This paper presents a review on progressive collapse mechanism of steel framed buildings exposed to fire. The influence of load ratios, strength of structural members...

01 December 2018

A Review on Fire Safety Engineering: Key Issues for High-Rise Buildings

Guo-Qiang Li, Tongji University; Chao Zhang & Jian Jiang, National Institute of Standards and Technology

This paper presents a state-of-the-art review on the design, research and education aspects of fire safety engineering (FSE) with a particular concern on high-rise buildings....

01 September 2018

Load Transferring Mechanism and Design Method of Effective Detailings for Steel Tube-Core Concrete Interaction

Yuanqi Li1, Tongji University, State Key Laboratory of Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering; Jinhui Luo, Tongji University; Xueyi Fu, CCDI

Two novel types of construction detailings, including using the distributive beam and the inner ring diaphragm in the joint between large-section CFT columns and outrigger...

01 September 2018

Significant Progress in Construction Equipment of Super High-Rise Building

Kun Zhang & Hui Wang & Kaiqiang Wang & Jian Cui & Bo Chen and Di Li, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd

The construction of rapid developing super high-rise buildings constantly faces great challenges and the innovation of construction equipment is a focus of these challenges. In...

30 April 2018

Taking the Corporate Campus Vertical

Jonathan Ward, NBBJ; Jiemin Ding, TJAD; Tim Etherington, Gensler

The Tencent Seafront Towers bring a novel concept – the “vertical campus” – to Shenzhen. In housing the corporate headquarters of the fourth-largest internet company...