05 February 2018

Applying Ancient Structural Principles To a New Prefabricated Steel System

Derry Yu, Ivan Kong & Michael Lu, New World China Land Limited

Numerous ancient timber structures located in high seismic zones of China are still standing today, long after experiencing strong earthquakes over hundreds of years. One...

01 December 2017

Sustainable Design and Its Cost: Case Study of Nanning China Resources Tower

Stephen Y. F. Lai, Rider Levett Bucknall Limited

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives. Thus, it is apparent that more sustainable initiatives are incorporated in a building design...

01 September 2017

Multi-Dimensional Hybrid Design and Construction of Skyscraper Cluster

Aaron J. Wang, CapitaLand China Corporate

Designed by star architect of Moshes Safdie, Raffles City Chongqing includes a total of 6 mega high-rise towers 250 to 380m tall, a sky conservatory,...

02 June 2017

Capturing the Underlying Structure of a ‘Segment-line’ City

Michelle Xiaohong Ling, South China University of Technology

Analyzing morphological evolution over a long period of time is deemed an effective way to identify problems occurring in the process of urban development, in...

02 June 2017

The Spatial Performance of Multi-Level Shopping Clusters

Wang Haofeng & Rao Xiaojun, Shenzhen University; Zhang Yupeng, Shanghai Construction Design & Research Institute Co.,LTD.

With the intensification of urban development in Chinese cities, mixed land use in urban centers extends vertically into 3-D and expands its scale from a...

02 June 2017

An Analytical Approach to Measuring the Degree of Urbanity of Urban Building Complexes

Shuchen Xu, Yu Ye & Leiqing Xu, Tongji University

The importance of designing urban building complexes so that they obtain ‘urban’ power, rather than become isolated from the surrounding urban context, has been well...