1972 Warsaw Conference: Planning & Design of Tall Buildings

27–30 November 1972

The 1972 Regional Conference on the Planning & Design of Tall Buildings was held in Warsaw, Poland on November 27-30th.

CTBUH Releases Study on the Past, Present and Future of the European Skyscraper

01 June 2013

There are currently 109 skyscrapers over 150 meters in Europe. This number is set to jump to 161 by the end of 2015, meaning that there are more than 50 projects in advanced stages of construction.

CTBUH Releases Analysis of Global Population and Tall Buildings

13 April 2011

Tall buildings are spreading across the globe at an ever-increasing rate. This study demonstrates the relationship between population and tall buildings across those countries and presents information on the average height and age of each country’s tallest buildings.