CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants

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Renamed to Cermak Peterka Petersen (CPP), Inc.

CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants


Note: All listed data for proposed or under construction buildings is based on the most reliable information currently available. This data is thus subject to change until the building has completed and all information can be confirmed and ratified by the CTBUH.

  Completed   Architecturally Topped Out   Structurally Topped Out   Under Construction   On Hold   Never Completed   Proposed   Vision   Demolished
ID #   Status Building Name City Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Completion Material Use
3 1   COM Burj Khalifa Dubai (AE) 828 2,717 163 2010 steel/concrete office / residential / hotel
907 2   COM 4 Times Square New York City (US) 246.5 809 48 1999 steel office
16970 3   COM 111 Murray Street New York City (US) 240.2 788 60 2018 concrete residential
36191 4   PRO Lied Place Residences Lincoln (NE) (US) 77.3 254 20 2020 concrete residential
17959 5   COM DUO West Sydney (AU) 70.8 232 20 2018 concrete hotel
22801 6   COM DUO East Sydney (AU) 65.7 216 18 2018 concrete residential