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Member Offices: Essen

With customers in over 100 countries served by more than 50,000 employees, thyssenkrupp Elevator achieved sales of around €8 billion in the fiscal year 2018/2019. Over 1,000 locations around the world provide an extensive network that guarantees closeness to customers. After building its position as one of the world’s leading elevator companies in a mere 40 years’ time, thyssenkrupp Elevator became an independent company in August 2020. The company’s most important business line is its service business, with approximately 1.4 million units under maintenance and over 24,000 service technicians globally. The product portfolio covers commodity elevators for residential and commercial buildings to cutting-edge, highly customized solutions for state-of-the-art skyscrapers – such as One World Trade Center in New York. In addition, it also consists of escalators and moving walks, passenger boarding bridges, stair and platform lifts, as well as tailored service solutions such as MAX, the industry’s first cloud-based digitally enhanced maintenance solution – thus covering a broad spectrum of urban mobility.

Fields of Expertise

Materials / Products / Systems Supplier; Vertical Transportation Consultant; Vertical Transportation Supplier

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One World Trade Center

541.3 m / 1,776 ft


Ostankino Tower

540 m / 1,772 ft


Shanghai World Financial Center

492 m / 1,614 ft


Lakhta Center

462 m / 1,516 ft


PIF Tower

385 m / 1,263 ft


Federation Tower

373.7 m / 1,226 ft


Mercury City Tower

338.8 m / 1,112 ft


Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower

328.6 m / 1,078 ft


50 Hudson Yards

308.2 m / 1,011 ft


Comcast Center

296.7 m / 974 ft


Lakhta Center

Award of Excellence: Lakhta Center

Best Tall Building 400 meters and above 2021

Ctbuh Leaders

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

CTBUH Working Group: Vertical Transportation, 2018 – Present

Hong Kong

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf

CTBUH Working Group: Vertical Transportation, 2017 – Present


Patrick Bass

Patrick Bass

CTBUH Annual Conference, Presenter, 2014

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01 June 2018

Occupant Interior Transportation Routes Using MULTI

As part of the ongoing CTBUH research project, "A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators", students created hypothetical projects that utilize...


17 October 2016

New Approaches for Efficient People Transportation in Both Dimensions – Vertically and Horizontally

The trend of growing cities with permanently increasing populations will require new and visionary solutions for mobility in urban areas. Moving people as we are...

Global News

11 September 2019

Community-Oriented Trades Campus Begins Construction in Nice

The Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the social landlord Habitat 06 kicked off the development of the Campus Sud des...

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thyssenkrupp (2020)

Thyssen AG

Phoenix-Rheinrohr AG


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11 Years

Most Common Function*

Office, 47 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Concrete, 82 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 135 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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